Top 10 Questions – FAQ

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Q1. Where will the awning be located? What will give me the most additional living space?

A1. Southerly facing patios and decks are the most common locations. If you have low head room or a restricted mounting area, we have specially designed brackets allowing the entire unit to be safely mounted on the roof. Our professional sales team will help you maximize the added living space from your new awning.

Q2. How will the awning be mounted to my home?

A2. When one of our trained salesman visits your home they will be able to determine the best way to mount your awning. The most common mounts for awning installations are wall mounts, roof mounts, and under-overhang mounts. To make sure you are100% satisfied, our dealer will review and confirm your choices to make sure you receive your new awning that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Q3. How far will the awning project from the mounting wall?

A3. Each awning is custom made. 11’8” is the most common distance, but larger awnings up to 14’ 6” projection and smaller models are available to meet your needs. The maximum pitch can be adjusted to 45 degrees.

Q4. What color fabrics can I choose?

A4. Browse through our sample fabric’s in the menu bar or contact us for a free on site quote. One of our sales members will bring you our complete fabric and pattern catalog where you can make your selection. Our extensive lines of woven acrylic fabrics will give you hundreds of options. You can also choose from 4 different colors of the powder-coated finish on the arms and frames.

Q5. How much wind can my awning withstand?

A5. Every awning can withstand an average breeze without any problems. If the awning moves up and down more than 6” it should be retracted to protect the equipment. New technology allows motorized awnings to close automatically when it senses wind that might damage the unit.

Q6. How quickly can I get my new awning installed?

A6. NuImage Awnings are custom made to properly fit your unique application.  In most cases your awning can be installed in two to three weeks form the order date. Rush installations are available upon request.

Q7. Can I install the awning myself?

A7. If you have basic carpentry skills and knowledge of home construction, you can install the awning yourself. However there are some other important considerations before starting a do-it-yourself installation. Each awning weighs between 9lbs and 18lbs per foot of length. That means an average 18′ wide awning weighs between 160-320lbs. That is serious weight to be lifting 9′ to 11′ in the air. We encourage you to speak with one of our awning professionals, and let them help guide you through the decision making process.

Q8. How much does an awning cost?

A8. It all depends on what best fits your needs, budget, and desired appearance. You are investing in shade and weather protection – while expanding your living area. Factors include how big a space you want to cover, fabric and mounting options, traditional style or enclosed cassette, and if you would like a motorized awning for convenience.  A member of our sales team will often give you an approximate price range over the phone if you know the size and mounting requirements.

Q9. Do you have references from your past clients?

A9. Absolutely, our current awning owners are our single greatest point of pride at NuImage Awnings. We will proudly share them with you and encourage you to speak with our customers. Over 95% of customers who have purchased a NuImage Awning with in the last five years say they have recommended it to their friends and family.

Q10. How do we get started?

A10. We want to help you get more information about your new awning so you can make the best decisions. To request a quote, or set an appointment for a demonstration, please click the contact us link or the request a quote link located in our menu bar above.