Measuring Guide

Measuring & Ordering Guidelines: Please follow the diagram provided to the left. Determine width of awning (A). This requires a clear span with no obstructions. Be sure light fixtures, down spouts, etc. are not in the way. The awning will require 8″ of mounting space (B). A minimum of 7′-6″ (90″) is required from the deck or patio to the top of the mounting space (C). See chart for more detail. Select the projection that best fits your needs (D). Awnings are available in over 50 beautiful fabric colors and patterns. Choose the one that best compliments your home. Fasteners for mounting on wood included.!
Roof Mount Should Be Used When:  1) There is insufficient space to mount the awning (8″) or when wall obstructions (ie. downspouts or light fixtures) are in the way. 2) More height is desired between the bottom of the awning valance and the deck or patio (E) To determine the mounting height when a roof mount kit is used: Measure the distance from your deck or patio to the roof line edge or the top of the fascia (F) and add 15″. This height will now become the (C) measurement. Awning cannot be mounted to the fascia.